Monday, 19 July 2010

Trojans, viruses and utter chaos ...

... that's what my virtual world consists of right now! Just as my hOme is restored, my laptop decides to start playing up and it appears to have been infected with a Trojan horse / virus or some other general nastiness! So unfortunately, until I can get it resolved (or a replacement laptop purchased), I'm gonna be "off-line" again ... I'm hoping it won't be any longer than week.


Sunday, 18 July 2010

Normal service resumed ...

... well, almost. When I was away on holiday, I knew I wasn't going to have regular access to my virtual world and I accepted that, after all there were plenty of other activities to occupy my mind. But when my virtual home wasn't accessible during this past week, I just felt lost! Where else could I get my daily fix of digi-scrapping life??? Sure, there are other forums out there (or so I'm told!) to have a chit chat with friends in. Sure, there are other stores (or so I'm told!) where I can purchase stash. And sure, there are other galleries (or so I'm told!) full of creations to inspire me. But, like I've said before, there really is no place like hOme.

WelcOme back Oscraps forum ... I've missed you!

Monday, 12 July 2010

Back in the real world ...

... it always takes longer than anticipated! I kinda forgot all the usual day-2-day stuff that needs to be done, let alone any digiscrapping commitments I needed to catch up on. In fact, there are still a couple of CT requirements that I need to get done, so if any of the designers I "work" with are reading this, I promise I'll get caught up on everything by the end of this week, OK?

Anyhoo, I really wanted to post today so I could share just a few of the photos I took during my recent holiday. Now I appreciate it can be torturous looking at other peoples photo albums (after all that's why we scrapbook isn't it?), so I'm not gonna bore you with all 451 photos(!) ... instead, I've picked just 17 of the images that I hope will wet your appetite ... don't be too surprised if you see these bad boys making another appearance in my LO's over the next few days / weeks / months ...

Friday, 9 July 2010

New kid on the block ...

... OK, so before you all start screaming "I love you Jordan / Donnie / Joey" et al, I'd better clarify my opening line ... my dear friend Tina is opening her store at Little Dreamer Designs today and I couldn't be happier for her! You see Tina is one of the winners of LDD's Apprentice Programme which took place earlier this year, and after a lot of hard work and dedication, her dreams are coming true and her kits are now available for all!

To celebrate, Tina's store is 25% off for a whole week! Not only that, but she's got a super fun challenge of her blog and she's gonna be giving away coupons via Twitter (@tinamarie001) and Facebook ( ... so don't forget to sign-up & follow the coolest, hippest, new {designing} kid on the block.

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

So relaxed and laid back ...

... I'm almost horizontal! But that's what holidays are for, right? Yet at the same time, I'm really glad to be home. Dorothy was right you know.

So this is just a flying post to say "hi!" and to let you know that once I've tackled the mountain of laundry I've just unpacked, replenished the empty food cupboards in my kitchen and made a dent in the unread emails in my mailbox, I'll be back with the lowdown and to share a selection of my holiday snapshots with you. Just give me a day or two to get back into some kind of routine first, yeah?