Monday, 27 May 2013

not a fan of [unnecessary] change ...

but then again, who is? So this week when Flickr updated their site, I admit to cursing, several times, under my breath! I'm not a fan of the new style / LO. My first instinct was to try and revert back to the way it was before and the way I prefer it, but I guess I'll get used to it ... eventually.

In the mean time, here are the layouts I've created since my last post ...

Credits: Paislee Press - From Where I Stand (available @ The Lilypad)
Credits: One Little Bird - Philosophy + Philosophy Journaling Cards (available @ The Lilypad)
Credits: Paislee Press - From Where I Stand, Paislee Press - 2013 Calendar Kit (available @ The Lilypad)
Credits: One Little Bird - Philosophy (available @ The Lilypad)
Credits: Paislee Press - Press Plate No.37, Paislee Press - On My Desk (available @ The Lilypad)
Credits: Ange Designs - Mr & Mrs (available @

Sunday, 12 May 2013

it started with a single snapshot ...

and ended up being a week long photo series! I treated myself a new casual scarf and took a snapshot, which I then uploaded to Instagram. I deliberately cut-off the top of my head in the photo and thought it looked kinda fun, so I decided to take a similar style snapshot each morning [before going to work] showing my chosen outfit for the day ...

credits: paislee press - is it friday yet?, writer's block vol.2 & gallery frames no.5 (available @ the lilypad)

credits: one little bird, interlude & flight plan no.17 (available @ the lilypad)
credits: paislee press - the weekender, the weekender journal cards & nine (photo collage) (available @ the lilypad)
credits: one little bird - suncatcher papers & element, rise and shine (available @ the lilypad)

Sunday, 5 May 2013

yeah, I'm still here ...

It was never my intention not post here for 3 months. Earlier this year, I took a short break from some of my CT responsibilities and this allowed me to scrap for myself for a change. Since returning to all my CT commitments, I've decided to simplify things. I'm going to use my blog to mainly showcase my layouts and photos. Sure there will be some other kind of posts every now-&-then (like holidays or other things that capture my attention), but in the main, this is going to be another gallery, somewhere I can post any LO without having to meet certain percentage criteria etc.

Hope you'll still pop by once in a while.