Saturday, 9 January 2010

Joker is poker with a "J", coincidence? ...

... that's joincidence with a "C". This is one of my all time favourite, not-so-funny-it's-funny lines from Friends. But you knew that, right? Anyhoo, the reason I opened with that line is because for 2 days running, I've experienced some freaky coincidences!!!

Firstly, I was checking out Stephanie's blog yesterday and was just reading the section headed up as "The Purpose". There's a line she's written that includes the statement "... shining light to the world". Now, at the exact same time I read those words the song I was listening to on the radio was "Shining Light" by Annie Lennox. Freaky coincidence number 1!!!

Secondly, today I was catching up on the January Photo Challenge thread over at the oscraps forum and I saw a post added by my friend LindaW, her post included this fun photo:

But the weird thing was, that I'd framed and taken almost exactly the same shot a few days earlier, but just hadn't gotten round to uploading it to the forum yet. Freaky coincidence number 2!!!

Not sure what strange forces are at work in my world, but if something else "coincides" tomorrow, I'm gonna flip out totally!!!


katg1006 said... about Co-Inky-dinks!!!! Sue I just think you have to face it - your physic :) Totally love the photos with the feet you & Linda took. I so think I just to out right copy it *LOL* :) Can't wait to see what tomorrow brings!!

Helen said...

hahaha...this is just fabulous!

Linda said...

Sue!!! I just love it!! Great minds!! YUP!! That's what it is!!

Elisa said...

This happens to me all the time. If you start really paying attention you'll notice it more! The one that my brother likes was last December he said he wanted a dog, so we went to a shelter and picked out his adorable beagle. Then the next day, before we brought her home, we made a list of all the names we liked. We started on the drive to get her and decided on the name Penny. We took back roads to get there and passed a place called Henny Penny. Then we were signing in at the shelter and the name right above his was Penny. So we knew we picked the right name!

I think it is fun seeing these things! Love the way you put this into words though!