Saturday, 6 February 2010

The good ...

... Lost (Season 6) started here in the UK on Sky 1 last night!!! I've Sky+'d the first two episodes and I'm gonna grab myself a cuppa and settle in for an afternoon of swooning over Jack and Sawyer!!!

The bad ...
OK, so I don't have a photo to represent my "bad" ... but trust me when I say it's really bad! Yesterday, when I was cleaning my oven(!), the inner glass door fell out ... eeeek!!! Thankfully it didn't break, but it does mean that I now can't use my oven. No baking ... ergo no cupcakes! No roasting ... ergo no Sunday lunch!

I really can't afford to buy a new oven at the moment, so a quick search of Google and I found a product that's specifically designed to enable you to replace / reseal the glass in oven doors. Who'd have thought there was such a thing??? Needless to say, my order has been placed and I'm just waiting for the sealant to arrive ... unfortunately it won't be here in time for this Sunday's roast, so the leg of lamb is in the deep-freeze for another day.

And finally, the ugly ...
And it really doesn't get more ugly than this charmingly named "Blobfish" ... and even though this is undoubtedly ugly, it made me smile.

Have a great weekend, whatever you've got planned.


Linda said...

Buhahaha!! Definately "the ugly"!! Bummer about the over glass...but YAY for sealant!! I would not have even thought to look for something like that!! I would panic and buy a new oven, even if I had to charge it...GASP!!

((HUGS)) NanaLinda

kym said...

Hi Sue, I didn't know you were a big lost fan. The Lost set people borrowed some rehab equipment a few seasons back from my husband's rehab department at work. You might have seen it when John Locke was in physical therapy. I used to watch Lost all the time but became lost in all the time travel (+baby) that I stopped watching. I should read some recaps and get back to watching the final season. It sounds like it is going to be a good one.


Elisa said...

HAHAHA! Thanks for "the ugly"!!! I needed a laugh! Is he drooling too? eww!

And yay for Lost! I'm loving the new episodes!

Che said...

I'm still on Season 5 of Lost so don't post any spoilers (or at least warn me) as I read your blog regularly. :)

I'm sorry to hear about the oven glass. If it happened to me my reaction would've been like Linda's. hehehe.

Yes, that guy is one ugly creature. I have to put the comment box on top of it so I wouldn't have to look at it while writing this. lol. Drooling? Ewww!! I refuse to take a second look! LOL!

Madi said...

Ah, your ugly looks so sad!
I think he wants to be scrapped for the funny spotlight!

Lost started here too this week, but I gave up a few seasons ago.

Helen said... are such a dag!

The good = your blog made me laugh

The bad = I am gonna have nightmares about that fish

The ugly = I hope fixing your oven does not cost too much. One must not miss out on one's roast!

Have a great week Sue!

katg1006 said...

ROTFL!!! Sue....the ugly...cracked me up! what a nose on the fishy!!

Lost!! My hubby is a die hard fan and I have to admit the first episode (after missing all last season) grabbed my attention right away! Can't wait for this weeks!

I am so sorry to hear about the oven! We are in the same position here but with our fridge. It is slowly dying a painful death and we are praying it makes it for a while more! #1 because we can't afford a new one now and #2 - they do not make fridges the size of the current space we have. So when it goes it doesn't just mean new fridge it means remodel so a new fridge will fit *sigh*. It's never easy is it?? ((hugs)) I so hope the sealant works for you and the leg of lamb gets another chance to roast!! :)