Sunday, 6 June 2010

I got published ...

... in the latest edition of Photoshop Creative magazine!!! Ha! that got your attention didn't it? And I'm not fibbing either, I did get published ... just not in the way most of your are probably thinking. LOL!

So you guys all know I've fallen for Twitter, right? Well, I responded to a Tweet from the Photoshop Creative team. They put out this simple request: "Photoshop Creative would love to hear about your style in PS! In this limited space, describe it the best you can ...". So me being the sociable kinda girl I am, I Tweeted back and told them. End of story, right? Wrong!

Imagine my surprise when I opened up the latest edition of Photoshop Creative magazine (issue 62) ... I was casually skimming through the content when something on page 11 caught my eye. Is that a picture of me???? OMGosh it is!!! What the heck is my profile picture doing staring back at me from the pages of an {inter}NATIONAL publication?!?!?!?!

Then I remembered my Tweet!!!

How fun is that? So come on peeps I want to know if you've ever been published and if so, which publication & what was the subject matter? Enquiring minds need to know!


Nini said...

Congrats Sue! What an extraordinary surprise! ... and in a "real" magazine too! (you can actually hold in in your hands! LOL!)

I was published a while ago in ScrapStreet Magazine (Oct.'09) & Digital Artist Magazine (Sept. '09) and it was a real treat!

Getting ready for your trip? That place looks just divine!


Leiko said...

Waaaaay cool!!! It must've been something to open up a "real" mag and see your gorgeous face staring back at you! Fun!


P.S. Those photos in your post below are leaving me DROOLING! Take me with you??

Ruebchensmum said...

Hi Sue, that is so cool, I imagine.
I once was also stated in a parents magazine or better, my little daughter was. They collected funny expressions of children and I won with my story that my daughter came back from maternity school and was really dirty around her mouth. I asked what the hell she had eaten there and she answered "no idea, Mum, tell me what sticks there"
This was published and I got 25 Euro for it. :-)

Helen said...

hahaha...that is so cool! Fancy seeing your face staring back! LOL! Congrats!

Gilmoregirl said...

photoshop used one of my layouts in an advertisement I was pretty happy...but a tweet, that is way cooler!:)

Yvon said...

Oh wauw Sue!! That is so cool!! Congratulations!

Published? 1 layout from me was published in the June issue of the Artisian Notebook YAY
It's an online magazine, not so cool as a REAL printed one!

A Look Into Nana;s World said...

HAHAHA!!! That is COOOOOOL!!! I can imagine the look on your face!!!


((HUGS)) Nana Linda

Val said...

oh wow, You are such a star sue!!!

Madi said...

Congrats Sue, so much cooler to be in a real magazine you can hold or don't have to print first!!
love this magazine!

Jane said...

wow...Sue, that is really cool!!!

I haven't been published except in Scrap Street mag every the Pixel's design team work, so that really doesn't count but I was profiled once in their mag as a new digi discovery and had several of my layouts in I guess that counts huh?
Have a good one Sue!

Helen said...

well I predicted Germany 5-0 ....LOL .. so I was close.

I get an ipad you get a two week slice of heaven. It's a toss up ... I love the beach.