Monday, 6 August 2012

I get easily distracted ...

It's one of my [many] areas for development (aka weaknesses). I start a project, then something new, and often shiny, catches my attention and then I just kind of drift off ...

The [not so shiny] new that's causing my current distraction is Instagram, and more specifically, #photoaday type challenges. My favourite of which comes from Fat Mum Slim's blog. My friend Helen introduced me to the joys of #photoaday photography. I started last month and found it really quite easy to use the daily prompts to take a photo each day and upload them to Instagram. Here's some of my images from July ...




"9 o'clock"


Unlike some other #photoaday challenges, with @fatmumslim's version, you get to see the whole month upfront. Straight away, you can see all the daily prompts and it's give you a head start and a bit of time to think / plan. Spontaneity was never my strong point. Mental note to add that to my "areas for development" list!

If you're interested in joining in, here's August's list:

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