Sunday, 12 May 2013

it started with a single snapshot ...

and ended up being a week long photo series! I treated myself a new casual scarf and took a snapshot, which I then uploaded to Instagram. I deliberately cut-off the top of my head in the photo and thought it looked kinda fun, so I decided to take a similar style snapshot each morning [before going to work] showing my chosen outfit for the day ...

credits: paislee press - is it friday yet?, writer's block vol.2 & gallery frames no.5 (available @ the lilypad)

credits: one little bird, interlude & flight plan no.17 (available @ the lilypad)
credits: paislee press - the weekender, the weekender journal cards & nine (photo collage) (available @ the lilypad)
credits: one little bird - suncatcher papers & element, rise and shine (available @ the lilypad)

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