Sunday, 27 March 2011

Week #11 of my NEW52 life ...

Oh boy I'm soooooo far behind on these posts!!!! I've been having NEW52 experiences but totally neglected to tell you all about them ... sorry! There are going to be a couple more posts after this one because I'm determined to have 52 separate posts by the end of the year ... so please bear with me friends, OK?

Week #11 was a new recipe week. I have always loved the flavour of chicken Kiev; crispy golden breadcrumb coated chicken, oooozzzzing with a garlic & parsley butter filling .... yummy!!!! I always thought they were way too complicated to make, so had never tried making my own ... until this week that is! The prep was a bit long winded, flattening the chicken took AGES and I had a headache after all that banging (actually, I think the reason why the prep took so long, was that I wanted to take step-by-step photos for my blog post. LOL!) but it was worth it in the end ... they were surprisingly easy to cook and tasted delicious ... result!!!

click here to see larger version & credits

If you want to try making your own Kiev's I can highly recommend this version of the recipe by The Hairy Bikers (they look scary but really have some great recipes, honestly!). Enjoy.

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Christi said...

This looks yummy!

I'm sooooooo behind on posting my New 52 stuff too. I'm behind on everything. LOL