Friday, 30 November 2012

movember moustache madness

Thirty days ago, Iain and ten of his work colleagues decided to attempt to grow moustaches throughout the month of November or Movember as it's now commonly called. Movember is all about raising awareness of men's health issues and in particular testicular and prostate cancers. You can find out more about it from the official website (

I don't know if I've mentioned this before, but Iain and I actually work at the same business and this year, they registered as a team to help encourage and MOtivate each other, by posting regular updates and gathering donations from family, friends and anyone else who was willing!

I acted as Iain's "official" photographer throughout Movember and as you can see from the following images, they were all taken with my mobile phone and often in pretty poor lighting but never-the-less, they show the progression from sexy stubble, to furry monster, all in the space of 30 days.

Day 3

 Day 6
Day 11

Day 21

Day 30

Now he and his colleagues have done an AMAZING job and between them they've raised over £1000 for the the Movember charities!!! I'm so proud of him and the rest of the guys in the team. Spectacular efforts and lots of laughs all round.

But, I'm going to be soooooo glad tomorrow morning, when he finally shaves the darn thing off!



kym said...

Hiya Sue, Great mugs of Iain! Love the cause and applaud the teams efforts.

listgirl said...

Awesome fundraising efforts! Hope you're enjoying your mustache-free hubby now! :p