Saturday, 29 January 2011

Week #4 of my NEW52 life ...

For the longest time this week, I had no idea what my "new" was going to be. But then, without even trying, three "news" came along in quick succession.

I was once asked to describe my digi-scrapping style. I really struggled with the question ... was I a minimalist? Not exactly. Did I focus on journaling? Definitely not. I really didn't know how to describe my style at all! I took a stroll through my gallery and it became clear that whilst I used patterned papers, I did so VERY sparingly. Just the odd strip or block of paper here and there. There were virtually NO pages where I'd used a patterned paper as the main focus. That was about to change.

Now I'm very, VERY lucky to be part of the creative team for Fei-Fei's Stuff, and this week, Shaui's been in the Designer Spotlight over at Oscraps. As part of her week of fun and games, Shaui set a brilliant challenge to scrap a double page layout AND make patterned paper the main background element .... whaaaaaaaahhhhhh!!!!

Here's what I came up with ...

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Food. Again. I knew when I started this year long experience, that food was going to play a BIG part ... after all there are sooooooo many possibilities aren't there? This week I tried out Jamie Oliver's 30 Minute Meals recipe for Cheat's Pizza. Here's how mine looked ...

Pretty cool huh? (It looked even better once I added some freshly torn basil leaves). The only downside was the state of my kitchen during / after the cooking!

This was my favourite new of the week. Now I make no secret of the fact that I ♥ champagne! I've been lucky enough to have tried Moet & Chandon, Taittinger, Bollinger and even Dom Perignon (that was a wedding anniversary present a few years ago). But the "daddy" of all champagnes, the "blingest", the most "celeb" of them all has to be Louis Roederer's Cristal champagne. DH & I had thought about buying a bottle for a while now, so when DH put it on his Christmas Wish List, it seemed the perfect excuse to splash out and treat him (& me of course!)

We didn't drink it at Christmas or New Year's, we didn't even drink it in celebration of DH's birthday earlier in the week. Nope. The bottle just sat in our fridge and teased & taunted me every time I opened the door ... until TODAY! Today, we popped the cork and poured ourselves a glass of the most expensive drink we've ever had!!!

And it was worth every.single.pound (not penny, POUND!)


kym said...

Hi Sue! I love reading about your new adventures! The pizza looks delish!! This new52 thing is awesome as it is making me think outside the box and get out of the normal everyday routine.

mrshobbes said...

Oooooo, that's awesome!!! YAY you and the hubs for splurging and enjoying every drop of that champagne! I am a complete dumbo with wines and such but it looks delicious!!!

And I love Shaui's papers--they make me happy. Yay you for playing around with that bold bg paper--that layout looks amazing :D

Tracey said...

The digi layout is fabulous! I don't use a lot of patterned paper, either, but I love the way you put it together.

I love to cook, hate to clean the kitchen..but that pizza looks like it was worth it!

I think the most fun thing about the champagne is that you drank it on a 'normal' planned celebration, nothing to commemorate..just normal. LOVE IT!

Helen said...

I am with you on the pp and mess after pizza making (Den makes and I clean up)

But my fave is also the ol' champs! Oh to share a glass with you one day my friend!

Have a great week!

Christi said...

I think you had a perfect new52 week. Scrapping, food and alcohol! What could be better?

listgirl said...

WONDERFUL news this week! I hardly ever use patterned papers as the background either. That would be out of my comfort zone, even though I LOVE patterned papers! The pizza looks absolutely delicious. And expensive champagne for a "just because" occasion, is brilliant! You're living life on the edge now.