Monday, 29 June 2009

Melting Monday ...

... Oh boy it's HOT!!! The past weekend was glorious and saw the start of a mini-heatwave that's due to sweep over the UK this week. Now for some people 30o C probably doesn't seem that warm (especially for the end of June) ... but you gotta remember that the past two summers here have been total wash-outs!!! I'm totally lovin' the fact that I can sit outside in my garden, enjoying my new furniture (see earlier posts) and generally just chillin' out.

Daddy called me on Friday to wish me a happy birthday ... he's still touring round Spain, but says the temps there are close to 40o C during the day ... ouch, way to hot!!!

So update on the job front ... Iain got a letter this morning telling him "thanks, but no thanks!". I haven't heard back yet about the interview I attended last Thursday, but I have had an acknowledgment email from another company about another position I've applied for ... just keeping my fingers crossed ... though not too tightly because I'm kinda enjoying the summer days. Tee-hee!!!

OK, so it's too hot to sit here with the laptop on, so I'm gonna log off now & make myself a Mojito ... my new drink of the moment!!! Zingy limes ... yummy!!! Hope everyone can just "chill", even in the baking temps!!!

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