Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Wednesday woes ...

... so I made a decision that I know in my heart was the right one for me, but at the same time makes me feel really bad. I quit my new job. It just wasn't right for me ... I know I didn't give it long ... but sometimes you just know ... you know? I knew that being a "contractor" would be different from being an employee, but I was still expecting support from the company. I'm not blameless though ... I was just so excited about working there, that I guess I didn't really think hard enough about whether "there" would be right for me ... and as it turns out, it wasn't.

So what's next for me? Well you know what ... I don't know! I think I've decided that I want to spend more time at home and the idea of working part-time really appeals to me. 10am - 4pm would suit me just fine! As for what line of work? Well that's also up for review ... I think I need some professional advise! Somebody who doesn't know me, but could ask the "right" questions in order to help me understand what it is that I'm good at. There MUST be something I'm good at ... right?

Oh, by-the-way before I forget ... Sue Cummings' week in the spotlight at has been postponed for a week (due to server problems) and will now start on 8th June 2009, but I promise you it will be worth the wait!

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