Sunday, 1 August 2010

My virtual world is restored ...

... at long last I have a secure and stable Internet access and it's all thanks to my shiny new Dell Inspiron laptop, which looks just like this ... So "hello" my friends and fellow bloggers!

I actually purchased my new laptop last weekend, but it's taken longer than anticipated to get it all set-up with my scrapbooking programme (Photoshop 7) and all my "favourites" (which, by-the-way, I hadn't realised how much I rely on these little shortcuts.) Trying to remember the web addresses of all the forums, galleries, shops and blogs I visit regularly was an absolute nightmare! In fact, there are still a few sites that I've yet to bookmark, like the gallery at oscraps (I really miss that place, don't you?)

So now that I have super speedy hardware, you'd think I'd spend all my time scrapping right? Well unfortunately not. Since coming back from my holiday, I've been working back at my old office(!) My old boss asked if I could help out whilst they were rolling out a new software release and of course I said yes. It was weird at first, but now it feels like I've never been away. For the past two weeks, I've been working a regular 9am-5pm routine and I'd completely forgotten just how little time that then leaves for being creative. Having said that, I'm determined to get back into a positive scrapping and blogging routine!

I'll be posting again during the week and this time I'll have some exciting news about a wonderfully talented designer making a very welcome return to the digiscrapping world!!! Care to guess who it is?


kym said...

Hi Sue, glad you got your new laptop up and running. I don't know what I would do if I lost everything on my computer. It is good to "see" you around again.

A Look Into Nana;s World said...

Fabulous Sue!!! I know you are happy!! I love my Dell!! I am on my second Dell Laptop and had three Dell desktops before that!! It really is hard work to get one set up though!! Especially with a hobby like we have!! I have loads of favorites too, but my browser holds all of my favorites in that is not an issue when switching. Now all we need is the O gallery and we are ALL back in Business!!!!

Oh I know who you are talking about!!! I saw this news on Facebook!! I won't spoil it though!!! I am excited!!!

(((HUGS))) Linda

Helen said...

oh very yummy Sue! Enjoy!