Monday, 19 July 2010

Trojans, viruses and utter chaos ...

... that's what my virtual world consists of right now! Just as my hOme is restored, my laptop decides to start playing up and it appears to have been infected with a Trojan horse / virus or some other general nastiness! So unfortunately, until I can get it resolved (or a replacement laptop purchased), I'm gonna be "off-line" again ... I'm hoping it won't be any longer than week.



A Look Into Nana;s World said...

((((HUGS)))) I hope it does not take too long!! I had a virus get in about two months ago...had to pay $75 to get some IT help and remove it all!!!

Good luck and hope to see you soon...miss you!!
((HUGS)) Nana

Nini said...

Yikes! So sorry about that! Hopefully you'll resolve that problem soon!
Just watched your slideshow - got some awesome vacation photos there!! I take it you had a great time!
Aren't we lucky? Time to chill and relax in 2 fabulous places!!! :)
I just got here Saturday afternoon and I don't think I've accomplished much since but the downloading of photos and a couple of laundry loads!! LOL!!
Better get going and do something besides sitting at the computer!!!!