Saturday, 16 October 2010

Summary of a working week ...

Weeding the garden = 5 hours (+ 72 hours of aching muscles afterwards!)
Current temp job = 32 hours
Miscellaneous = 83 hours (sleeping, eating, housework etc!)
Digiscrapping = 0 hours

Something needs to change!


kym said...

I agree, I was wondering what happened to you this week. I thought for sure I would see you with some fab TM layouts. Come out and play, give up a few hours of sleep. It is nearly midnight here in Hawaii and I just finished 3 layouts. If somethings gotta give, I pick housework any day.

Ella said...

yes somethings is going wrong...0 hours for digi scrapping can not have to erase the line with housework directly ;)

Nini said...

Oh,Oh!!! that simply can not be!!!!
Those 5 hours weeding the garden would have turn into some beautiful layouts!!! LOL!
Hope you get to play this week though!

Tina O'Flynn said...

Yes, I miss your energy and creativity!!!

Romy said...

haha, Sue.....very unbalanced, I agree!!! lol

in my case, the weeding would be the neglected item on the list (not that it doesn't need to be done, together with some trimming and fertilizing...)

Helen said...

oh .. should have read this post first. STill working hey .. such a bugger isn't it! LOL! Really interrupts the important things in life. But truly speaking Sue ... weeding before scrapping??? You are a better person that I! LOL!