Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Why did it have to be this week?

Of all the weeks to be asked to do some temping work, why-oh-why did it have to be now? Have you seen who's in the Designer Spotlight over at Oscraps this week?

TaylorMade Designs

Amanda is one of my digiscrapping heroes. I can honestly say, that if not for her, I wouldn't be blogging today. It sounds melodramatic I know, but is was during Amanda's week in the spotlight last year that I started digiscrapping seriously. It's thanks to her that I began posting my layouts in the gallery at Oscraps and as a result, I got my first CT gig with Sue Cummings (who btw has a collaboration with Amanda being released later this week ... read about it here) and when I started CT'ing I decided to start blogging! So you see, Amanda is the reason why I blog. Fact!


Nini said...

Well, no wonder she is the reason Sue!!! She's a truly talented designer and great inspiration to us all!!!
.... so I guess I should thank Amanda for getting you to scrap and post your pages at the O! I met you there dear friend!!!

Helen said...

cool story .. hope the temping went well.