Sunday, 21 August 2011

Week #33 of my NEW52 life ...

When I first sat down to compose this post, I figured I had nothing new to share this week. I've been incredibly busy at work recently, so much so that I've been doing about an hour & half overtime each evening AND I've worked the last 3 Saturday mornings too. I've been too busy at work to be doing any NEW52 things ... or so I thought.

On reflection, I've actually had quite a few NEW experiences this week ... just not necessarily what you'd refer to as good ones. In fact a couple of them have been down right BAD! OK, where do I start?

Monday: it started like any other Monday, with my daily 15 minute commute to the office. As I approached the business park, the traffic began to build and I crawled along at no more than 5 miles / hour ... aaaarrrgggghhhh!!! But this slow speed allowed me to hear a weird grinding noise that I wouldn't otherwise have noticed. I rolled my window down to try to gauge where abouts on my car the noise was coming from, but without luck. The noise wasn't noticeable at higher speed, only when driving in 1st or 2nd gear. Oh joy! I parked up at the office, had a quick look round but didn't see anything obvious, so didn't think much more of it ... until 6:30pm when I went to get in my car to go home, only to find the driver's side rear tyre looking a bit deflated. Crap! I drove to my nearest garage and pumped some air into the tyre, enough hopefully to make it home and consider my options. #badnew52

Tuesday: my tyre didn't look too bad, but when I applied some pressure, it had just a little bit too much "give" for my liking. Crap, crap! I left my car parked up and got a lift to work with DH. Actually we do usually drive together in the same car (we work at the same company) but with all the overtime I've been doing of late, it's been easier for us to drive in separate cars. Anyhoo, the good thing about going into work with DH, meant I left the office "on time" for the first time is a couple of weeks. Yeah! #goodnew52

Wednesday AM: carefully drove my car to the local tyre sales garage and watched intently as the mechanic whipped off my tyre and check it over for defects. Turned out the valve was leaking and that's what was causing the tyre to deflate; it was also the cause of the weird grinding noise I'd heard on Monday's drive to work. Anyhoo, £16 and 20 minutes later and all was well with my little Ford. #goodnew52

Wednesday PM: whilst I stayed on at work, DH + DB decided to go food shopping. Our fridge / freezer and cupboards have been looking woefully bare of late and there's only so many times you can eat cheese-on-toast for dinner. Anyhoo, more fool me that I hadn't written out a shopping list. The boys did an OK job of getting the basic food supplies (bread, milk, fruit etc), but there were a couple of unexpected items too ... a couple of DVD's to be precise! DH is a bit of an impulse shopper and he'd bought the movies Source Code and Paul. #badnew52 or #goodnew52

Thursday: nothing much happened today, other than at the age of 40, I got my very first cold sore. Crap, crap, crap! Hey, nobody said all the NEW things had to be good did they?!?!?! #badnew52

Friday: left work a couple of hours early so I could pop to the salon to get my hair cut. Yeah! My stylist is a lovely lady called Tracy and she's an absolute hoot!!! I'd go there every 8 weeks just for a natter ... the fact that I get my hair done at the same time is a bonus! #goodnew52

And there you have it; my week filled with some good and just a couple of bad NEW things too. So how was your week?


kym said...

Sue, you crack me up! I loved reading your post. Glad that your tire got fixed and that the noise wasn't anything more serious. I can't believe that you only now got your first cold sore. Don't you just love getting your hair done?!!!! I hope you can find more good new 52 things to blog about next week.

Ella said...

this post is excellent Sue ! To be honest I had to search in the dictionary what means "cold sore". I never had one, so I cross the fingers ;) Come next week to explain the new little things you noticed !

Soco said...

I love reading you as usual, Sue! I hope you're feeling better, my friend! Hugs!

listgirl said...

I'm so glad your tire didn't cost a ton to fix! Lots of everyday new, good and bad. Great documentation of a week!