Saturday, 10 December 2011

Banter, bubbles and baubles ...

Yesterday, I met up with Selena (aka Bush Girl) and Lorraine (aka Neat Freak) for our bi-annual "Ladies That Lunch" get-together. As usual, we met up outside the Underground station at Bond Street, then slipped down an inauspicious looking alleyway through to St Christopher's Place, where the selection of restaurants / bistros is just brilliant! The last couple of times we'd met, we'd dined at Carluccio's (Italian) and Cafe Rouge (French), so this time we tried out Sofra (Turkish / Mediterranean).

The food was very tasty. Selena had a starter platter (as a main) which was little "tasters" of some of the flavours from the menu ... and they looked pretty too.

I had the spicy prawns, not particularly Turkish or Mediterranean, but delicious non-the-less.

Lorraine had the sea bass, unfortunately I didn't get a photo ... but it did look good though!

We chatted about life, family and Christmas and we toasted our little reunion with a glass of fizz (or water in Selena's case as she had a very busy afternoon / evening ahead of her!)

I'm grateful that the skies were clear and bright, as it meant we were able to snap some photos of the Christmas decorations surrounding St Christopher's Place.

They had these HUGE silver baubles (about the same size as the coloured ones in the photo above) dangling above the alleyway and we all had the same idea to take some photos ... BUT ... none of us had our real cameras with us, so we improvised and each took photos using our mobile phones!!!

We ended up in fits of giggles trying to get images that would focus properly. I managed to snap a couple of photos of Selena & Lorraine (gasp!!!) but I promised them faithfully I wouldn't upload them to my blog. However, I did manage to get our customary "proof" shot showing the three of us together ...

... albeit a somewhat warped reflection in a giant reflective plant pot! And it's at this point, I feel I should just mention that a passer-by very kindly offered to take a "proper" photo of the three of us together, but she must have thought we were very odd when we declined her offer and said we were deliberately trying NOT to be in the shot ... hahahaha!

It was great fun and can't wait to meet up again in May / June 2012, when hopefully we'll have a +1, as Ona (aka wombat146) will be visiting from Australia!

P.S. as I'd never tried Turkish food before, lunch at Sofra is also my NEW52 for week #49. BTW, can you believe there's only 3 more weeks to go?!?!?!


Bush Girl said...

Yum, yum, YUM!

What a fun day we had. I felt drunkenly giddy despite the water! Such fun, and I can't wait for our next get together.

kym said...

Sue, I think it is wonderful for the 3 of you to have lunches together. It is so fun to share about our family, friends, and common interest. When I ever make it back to Europe, I'll be sure to stop by England for a cup of tea with you and the ladies.

Soco said...

Lucky girls!!! I'm sure you had a lot of fun together! Happy for you! :)

neat freak said...

I just picked up Selena's email so popped over to see your awesome photos, got to download mine and see if my camera worked as well as yours! Oh yes the Sea Bass was very tasty as was the Rose Tea. Looking forward already to the next lunch and meeting Ona!

Lorraine x