Sunday, 19 July 2009

Sunday Saunter ...

... This will just be a quick post; I'm supposed to be preparing a presentation. Why? Well, I found out late last Thursday that I've been invited to a 2nd interview for a job. Yay!!! I had the 1st interview last Tuesday and I really enjoyed it! Does that sound weird? Well weird I must be ... I usually don't mind interviews, I see them as my opportunity to find out about the company and decide whether or not I really want to work with them. Anyhoo, the interview went well and I got a phone message and email inviting me back for a further interview this coming Tuesday .... AND ... the company would like me to prepare and deliver a presentation [the subject being performance management of the team]. So my weekend is being spent creating the slideshow [fun bit] and writing my "script" [tough bit] and then standing in front of my bedroom mirror and presenting to myself [or Iain] over and over again!!!! Wish me luck.

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