Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Tuesday Treats ...

... Today is my friend Hazel's birthday. It would be rude of me to give away her age ... but lets just say she's half-way towards a card from Liz!!!

For the past two years, Hazel's birthday has been a special day in the office. In 2007 she became a princess for the day (it was 07/07/07 after all!), then in 2008 she was given a surprise "afternoon tea" party (cucumber sandwiches and all!) ... but because I no longer work at the same company, she thought that nothing was planned for today ... but she was wrong!

Today's birthday treat was to be a picnic ... outside in the fresh air, picnic blanket, paper plates, plastic cups and all! HOWEVER, this being England, the weather put a dampener on the event, which ended up being held indoors in a spare office! Not exactly ideal, but fun non-the-less. Unfortunately because we were in an office room, I couldn't take any photos of the picnic ... but on seeing the treats, Hazel's expression was very similar to that in the photo below (which was taken on her birthday in 2008).

Happy birthday Hazel ... hope you had a wonderful day, even though you have to work!

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