Sunday, 18 July 2010

Normal service resumed ...

... well, almost. When I was away on holiday, I knew I wasn't going to have regular access to my virtual world and I accepted that, after all there were plenty of other activities to occupy my mind. But when my virtual home wasn't accessible during this past week, I just felt lost! Where else could I get my daily fix of digi-scrapping life??? Sure, there are other forums out there (or so I'm told!) to have a chit chat with friends in. Sure, there are other stores (or so I'm told!) where I can purchase stash. And sure, there are other galleries (or so I'm told!) full of creations to inspire me. But, like I've said before, there really is no place like hOme.

WelcOme back Oscraps forum ... I've missed you!


A Look Into Nana;s World said...

Oh Sue!!!!! It's so wonderful to be hOme, isn't it!!!! I think there were quite a few of us a little bit lost!!! I am with you, I can't seem to find my fix anywhere else.....I am still detoxing from the loss of the gallery right now...hopefully it will be up again soon....But being able to interact wtih my O family again is awesome!!!

((HUGS)) Nana

Helen said...

What there are Other fOrums??? NOOO! TG its back up! I missed my O Family!