Sunday, 1 May 2011

Ummmm, hello?

I wouldn't blame you if you'd given up on ever reading anything here again after all, it's been WEEKS ... and nothing, not even so much as a "hello". Believe me, I'm hanging my head in shame here. I wish I could say that it was because my life is just so full of thrills and adventures or that I'd been whisked away somewhere exotic, but alas that's not the case.

I have been busy, but then again who hasn't? I have to confess that NEW52 has fallen by the way-side, but I remember where I dropped it and I intend to go back and pick it up and start a fresh.

So let's start this new month with a new focus and energy shall we? And talking of fresh new starts, did you watch any of the wedding on Friday? With DH being away visiting his family, I took advantage of his absence and thoroughly indulged my inner fairy-tale princess fantasies. I made Union flag mini-bunting using Angie Hinksman's Cool Britannia kit ...

I'd taken the bunting into my office the Thursday before the wedding and strung it across my monitors. On the actual day of the wedding, I strung the same bunting across my TV at home.

I had a great time watching the wedding, scrapping and Tweeting all at the same time, multi-tasking to the extreme, oh and yes that is a photo of the "first kiss". It's almost like being there ... in fact, I probably got a better shot than most people who were actually there!

Here's one of the LO's I completed during the wedding too, again using Angie's Cool Britannia & Cool Britannia Chrome Alphas kits ...

click here for credits

So there we are folks, I've got tomorrow off work for the May Day bank holiday, then it's back to the office on Tuesday ... but then I'm off again on Thursday and I'm heading into town to meet up with Selena (aka Bush Girl) and Lorraine (aka Neat Freak) for lunch again. Can you believe it's 5 months already since I last saw these girls? Let's just hope there's no freak weather event this time ... a snow storm on Bond Street, I ask you!!!


Meg B said...

The three of you need to remember to get a photo together this time -- and not just your feet!!!! Have an amazing time together :)

I wish I could be there... next year maybe!

Ruebchensmum said...

Sue, this is really a great post. Love your layout and the flags on your monitors.
Well, here in Germany we do not have any Royals so we are always happy to share yours. When I got up at 7 a.m. on Friday morning my two little royal watchers (7 and 4 years old) were already in the living room waiting to see the princess. *lol* They were really excited to see kings and queens and princesses. But what a disappointment when they finally saw the Queen. "Mom, this old grandmother with the yellow hat does not look like the queens in our Disney movies!". Guess, it's time for a new generation if the Royals want to keep their youngest fans. *lol* But we finally watched the whole thing until 3 p.m. with Mom doing all her ironing to have an excuse for sitting in front of TV at a Friday morning. It was great.
And for your posting frequence: don't feel ashamed, we all have a real life aside to handle and it's always difficult to keep the blog up to date.

Enjoy your holiday!

listgirl said...

Those buntings are way cute! I didn't get up at 3am to watch the royal wedding, but I knew they were going to replay it over and over again. I guess I should have DVR the whole thing on BBC America, oh well.

Lunch with digi-scrapping girls sounds awesome!

Helen said... was a grand day Sue!