Monday, 25 May 2009

Another Bank Holiday Monday ...

... but instead of the usual weather "funk", it's actually turned out quite nice today. In fact, the weather has been good all weekend ... so much so, that we had our first BBQ of the year yesterday! Nothing complicated, just steak & salad, but it was yummy and as we actually got to eat outdoors.

Did I mention that I'd seen some garden furniture that I liked, but couldn't justify purchasing just yet? Well, as I'm now gainfully employed again, Iain and I decided "what the heck" and took a trip to the garden centre and bought our gorgeous new garden table, chairs & funky starlight parasol (which has great little LED lights running along each of the parasol spokes!!).

So tomorrow is my first full day back at work in nearly 4 months and I don't mind telling you, I'm a little nervous! I'm never comfortable being "the new girl" and the thought of starting from scratch again doesn't help ... but I'm sure I'll settle in quickly and start delivering results.

Just as I go back to work, things start hotting up in the forums ... the next couple of weeks are going to be sooooo much fun! Can't say too much at the moment, but keep checking back here for more details over the next few days.

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