Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Wet Wednesday ...

... I knew the good weather we had at the weekend was too good to last! Yesterday and today has been wet, windy and considerably cooler ... but hey, if the weathermen are to be believed, then it should be warm and sunny this coming weekend ... bring on the sunshine!!!

So in case you're wondering ... there are two main reasons why I haven't posted any new LO's here recently:
  1. I started my new job yesterday and my head is just "spinning" whenever I get home from work, so much so that scrapping is pretty much the last thing on my mind!
  2. Sue Cummings (who is an extra-ordinarily AMAZING designer) is getting ready for her week in the spotlight over at oscraps and I'm lucky enough to be a member of her creative team (CT), so everything I'm currently working on is "under wraps" until 31st May 2009 at the earliest! Sue's got some AWESOME stuff planned for next week and I know everyone is going to have a BLAST. I'll post some LO's once Sue's spotlight officially starts.

OK, so I'm done for today. It just remains for me to say it's the Champions League final tonight with Barcelona vs Man Utd, and although it pains me (as a Chelsea supporter) to say it, I actually hope Man Utd win ... not that I'm still bitter / twisted about the way Barcelona "beat" us in the semi-final ... moving on!!!

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