Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Ruby Tuesday ...

... this really turned out to be a "gem" (get it? ruby Tuesday??? gem???) of a day ... you wanna know why? OK, I'll tell you ... I GOT OFFERED A JOB!!!! Yipppppeeeee ... I've been out of work since Friday 13th February (yes, I know ... Friday 13th !!!) and I've finally been offered a job. I'm sooooooo pleased ... you may be able to tell due to all the !!!!! ...... & extra letters in this post.

So I screamed down the phone when the agency told me I'd got the job! Actually, the guy was a little cruel ... here's how the call went:

agent - "Hello Sue?"
me - "Yes"
agent - "I've got some feedback from your interview last Friday"
me - "Ooooh good ... and?"
agent - " They thought you were good, but they won't be inviting you to a 2nd interview"
me - "Oh heck ... did they say why?"
agent - "Yeah, they said they want to offer your the job ... no 2nd interview required!!!"
me - "(((((((((LOUD SCREAMING))))))))) YEEEEEEEAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!"

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