Sunday, 28 March 2010

And the gift giving goes on ...

... I don’t know about you, but I love to receive gifts, even more so when they’re unexpected or without reason … you know, the kind of “just because” gifts. Well, although the Oscraps birthday bash may be over, the gift giving continues.

I've been incredibly lucky throughout March and I've been the recipient of a number of gifts … digital kits through blog RAK’s and gift coupons from online chats and challenges, to name but a few. Now I want to share my luck with you, my lovely blog readers!

Sue Cummings has generously donated 5, yes five(!), gift coupons to her store at Oscraps. Now if you’re not familiar with Sue’s work, just take a peek at her store and gallery! It's wonderful! Her kits have a hint of breezy days, easy-living and have a timeless quality to them and you’re sure to find something you love.

So, want to know what you've got to do to win? It's simple … just leave a comment here on my blog, telling me about either the best or worst present you've ever received!!! Fun, eh?

The lucky winners will be selected (by my good friend Mr and each will receive a $5 gift coupon to Sue’s store!!! Closing time / date for comments is 10pm (BST) on Thursday 1st April 2010.

I can’t wait to hear about all your gifts (good or bad!) … good luck everyone!!!


Mary Ellen said...

Worst, but funny, gift - a stuffed squirrel from my little sister that she gave to everyone on their birthdays each year. She was only about 5 or so. Best gift - my dSLR! Great giveway.

Madi said...

Sue, you just can't stop giving!!
I bet you will have no problem finding people that want to spend your coupons!

Rainee said...

The worst gift ever was to hubby and I, one of those automatic toilet lid closers. We never used it, don't even know what ever happened to it, LOL. The best gift ever was a few years ago for Christmas, my Canon RebelXT camera from my dogs (at least that's what I was told since hubby and I weren't exchanging gifts ;)

Kristi said...

The best gifts I ever received were gifts from God, and they are my children. But for the sake of being more materialistic I'd have to say my digi camera and mp3 player that my hubby bought me for our 3rd wedding anniversary.

Jessica said...

Hey Sue!

Believe it or not, today is my birthday :) Well, actually, it's past midnight, so my birthday was yesterday ...

I can't really think of something so bad that I would call it the worst gift, so I would have to say that the best gift I've ever recieved is my family. Yes, it sounds cliche, but it's true! They are the biggest blessing in my life and nothing compares to them :)

Oh, don't count me in the drawing ... but thank you for making this available to others!

Helen said...

Great stuff Sue x2!

timounette said...

Thanks to you ans Sue 2 !!!
My best gift : my ring from my darling...and my 2 children.

Dady said...

My most beautiful present was an enormous bouquet of roses. Thank for your generosity.

Ruebchensmum said...

You are so generous Sue, thanks for giving us the chance to win. Well I agree with some of the girls that my children are the best gift I got but from an materialistic point of view it was the nativity scene from Hummel (a German porcellain company who produces cute little children figurines). My husband gave it to me for Christmas 3 years ago. I asked him to buy one figurine per year in order to have the whole scene after a few years and crazy lovely husband got them all at once for me. I was deeply moved.

Lime said...

Yes, ditto on the generous part -- lots of chances to win! Thank you :)

The worst gift I got was actually one of the best. It was a hideous hand crocheted cup and saucer. I was a brand new bride of two months and we went to the that I mean a group of 30 people whom I had never met, but who were now related to me by marriage. They had a gift exchange, but since I had not been in the family the previous year, I was not in the Christmas Exchange. One of the cousins was a teacher and had gotten this horrendous cup and saucer from a student a decade earlier and they just passed it around from year to year. When I opened it, I wasn't even sure what it was -- it was cup and saucer shaped, but it wouldn't hold any liquid since it was made of yarn. I'm sure I just looked at it with a puzzled look, and they all burst out laughing, and somehow it made me a part of the family right then and there.

Yvon said...

Sue, What a great blog you have!!
And such beautifull stuff on it.
Thanks for the oppertunity for winning.

My worst gift I ever got..
My brother in law thought he bought a funny gift. It was from ceramics. It were 2 eyes and a big laughing mouth. I had to put them to a treetrunk. That way the tree had a face *eek* Now that was allready scary! But oke, because of him beeing my BIL we hung it up on a treetrunk.
The whole day I looked at the ugly thing. And after a few hour I thought I could get used to it..
But than night was coming, and I looked outside, and I saw the eyes where glowing in the dark!!
That was the point I took them off, and threw them away *blush*
We told my BIL that the wind blew them off, and they were broken...